Mentorship, by definition, is the guidance provided by an experienced person in a company or an educational institute. More often than not, mentorship is looked upon as the best way to get accustomed to the inner workings of a particular organization. Many people that are new to a job tend to experience what is known as Imposter Syndrome. This is a psychological occurrence where an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud. Therefore, mentorship is necessary for anybody pursuing any form of career.

Modern women have realized the immense importance of mentorship. Many of them are starting to see that certain career paths require proper mentorship before they can get into the job, full time. In the past, many roles were dominated by men. Of course, this was due to many circumstances. But, primarily, women were (and still are in some cases) not able to get into good mentorship programs because all people in the higher positions would see was somebody that would not be able to work effeciently due to issues such as pregnancy and menstruation. Another issue is that women that have been raised in sub-standard households tend to be intimidated by aspiring for big careers because of the learning process involved. They tend to have a proclivity for simple and basic career paths that require little to no mentorship. The situation now is changing. Mentorship is being taken much more seriously.

However, women from different backgrounds are finding themselves involved and invested in being mentored after having chosen a career path that is demanding. More women are becoming active in many roles that are cardinal to our fast-developing society. Many of these women are the mentors themselves, paving the way for younger women. Creating the necessary platforms for them to express their ideas and concerns, and to help in whatever way possible to improve our society. Mentorship, generally, is a long and involving process. One that involves a lot of mistakes, one that brings to light many of an individual’s shortcomings. But above all, mentorship is one of the key elements to encourage more women to play more active roles in society.

Mentorship is cardinal to giving women the voice of change that has been long silenced by a male-dominated society. Mentorship is what will allow many women to become that which they have always wanted to be. This and more on Awanachi.

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