We like to think that the chitenge is the eighth wonder of the world. It is a piece of garment that can shape shift and blend into anything and everything. Our favorite part of the chitenge is its different color patterns that make us feel like if you looked close enough, you can almost see our history and accent hymns hidden deep inside the color coordination.

Though the chitenge was hot and trendy back in the early days, it is definitely still hot and trendy now. Let’s just say it never goes out of style. You can rock on the chitenge through any season, from January all the way up to December. However, even really old chitenges can still be useful. You can simply revamp your old chitenge to style your old plain black shoes or bag. If you are feeling extra stylish you can even turn it into a scrunchy or even a bonnet.

Nevertheless, some people like to live on the edge by experimenting to see just how far the chitenge can blend and shape shift. Now we have earing made out chitenge, photo frames, pens covered in chitenge, gift boxes, and even phone covers. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Wouldn’t you like to see a chitenge printed car, or a car with chitenge seats. The chitenge is definitely a vibe! This and more on Awanachi.

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