It is important for everybody to speak to someone about the things that they may be going through. Human beings are social creatures. This entails that they were never meant to be solitary. We are born into families, we make friends as we grow up, we go to school and we meet teachers, the list of spaces into which we find ourselves could be very long. One thing that all these places have in common is that we are constantly surrounded by people. People of different upbringings than ours, people who have their own experiences in life. These different experiences each have their own influences on each individual and therefore, a vast array of personalities arises. Now counselling comes into the picture at a very basic stage. Remember how, as early as possible, we always found ourselves drawn to certain people for different reasons? From the time we were aware of ourselves and the people around us, somehow, there was an affinity to people that we felt were either very similar to us or the exact opposite of us. The moment this began to happen, we felt the urge to express ourselves in ways that perhaps we weren’t able to at home or at school or at work. Here began the earliest forms of counselling. This proceeded to more complex situations and settings.

Each person possesses a deeply complicated mind that nobody (not even themselves) may ever fully understand. But what comes into play is the fact that it is not necessarily being understood that humans seek in their relationships. It is the feeling of being heard that helps us deal with our internal battles. The lack of proper counselling has led to minor cases such as rebellious behavior or more extreme ones such as mass murder or suicide. Most of the time, these cases would have been avoided if the individual was offered a safe space or platform to express whatever it may be that was such a burden, via counselling.

It may be a parent, a sibling or a good friend that may offer a listening ear and a unique and useful piece of advice. Professional counsellors take this to the next level as they deliberately fill the role of guiding an individual through their many internal battles. They study human psychology, and they use various philosophies to attend to their [person being counselled]. This helps to keep individuals levelheaded in places of work and business and in whatever social context. It further helps an individual to separate their life’s troubles from the good things.

The greatest thing that counselling does, whether professional or not, is that it offers a new perspective on life. It allows an individual to see things in their life in a different light than they have been. It gives one the ability to maneuver the random eventualities of life. In a way, it makes an attempt to take away the burden of becoming lost in a world where things seem to happen for no reason at all. Counselling is a necessary ongoing process that is relevant to each and every human being. It is something that each of us deserve and that each of us, at one point or another, must offer to somebody else. This and more on Awanachi.

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