(Break the silence)

Wouldn’t you like to live in a world where more and more people spoke out about how they feel on the inside? Well, we do too.

We all experience periods where we feel stressed, angry, worried, anxious, sad or afraid. These are all normal emotions, but if these emotions become server enough that it interferes with a person’s ability to function daily, and it continues to happen over a period of time. it can develop into a mental health problem

One out of five women suffer from mental depression and anxiety. More women than men are more likely to suffer from mental health because women are care givers, with leads to stress anxiety and isolation.

However, the cause for mental illness is not known, but it develops through a number of contributing factors. These may include; Biological, Hormones, Genetics, Social & Cultural influences such as social media, relationships, and work-life balance. Others include psychological factors such as personality traits and copying mechanisms, environmental factors like noise levels.

We too would like to see a world where more women broke the silence by speaking out on how they feel on the inside.  A world where more women are comfortable to ask for help, a world where more women are resilient and are able to cope with difficult times, a world where more women feel comfortable and good about themselves, a world where they feel in control while managing and expressing their emotions and a world where they build and maintain good relationships. That is a world we would like to live in. This and more on Awanachi.

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