Bad Hair Day! 

Every girl has one of those days for some even weeks, a day when our hair refuses to cooperate.  It is the most dreadful part of any woman’s existence. When the maim atop our heads chooses violence.

Awanachi is here to share all the hair hacks to help our ladies tame the ‘beast’ we will get you looking camera ready every day. Bad hair day who?  Hashtag, I woke up like this.

  1. Braids

They are good for the second-day hair; the natural oil helps to keep the braid intact and help you avoid the bad hair day.

  1. Dry Shampoo

The dry shampoo soaks the grease in your hair and makes them manageable again. So, make sure you have a spray bottle nearby.

  1. Parting Hair

A simple trick is to change the side you part your hair. This will give your hair the required bounce and a new look.

  1. Bobby Pins

They are your savior for all hair emergencies. Just stack a few in your bag always. You could roll up a bun or twist up your hair and you are done.

  1. Hair Routine

You must follow a regular oiling, cleansing, conditioning routine for your hair and provide them the required nourishment. Follow it religiously for healthy and fabulous hair.

  1. Perfect Cut

Choose a haircut that suits your hair type and texture, else you will have to extensively use irons and blow dryers leaving the hair dull & dry. The best is a low maintenance cut that lets your natural hair shine.

These easy hacks will turn a bad hair day into a good one.

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